Training hunting dogs

Kris obedience training school was established in 1992 at the initiative of Christian O., who in fact is also her manager, and provides professional training for hunting dogs.

Training for hunting:

  • bird dog (German short-haired Brac / wiry, English Pointer, Epagneul Breton, Labrador, Golden Retriever) - dog socialization, basic commands and leash free discipline, input, pointers, Chet short 25-40m.
  • den dogs, chased and harassing (Jagd Terrier, Fox Terrier, Airedale Terrier, Scenthounds Transylvanian) - dog socialization, basic commands and leash free discipline, and keeping the place haituirea great game.
  • rummaging dogs (Cocker, Springer, Clumber, Sussex Spaniel) - dog socialization, basic commands and leash free discipline, hunting signs found by pointers, resumed at the spark just barking and looking at the distance 15-25m.
  • training hunting dogs for working exams: tan, derby, vjp, hzp, Solms, field trial handling exhibitions.

Training for the field work:

  • hunting dog getting used to working the land;
  • pointers sight, but the nose;
  • packages of hunting;
  • disciplining the dog in the field;
  • obinuirea dog gun fire;
  • intake;
  • Following the game dragged.

Training for work on water:

  • learning hunting dog with water;
  • crawling in the pool with / without game;
  • tracking game in the water;
  • intake of water covered with high vegetation;
  • discipline dog.

Training for work in the forest:

  • discipline leash / free in the woods;
  • work from bran game;
  • intake lost;
  • command down;
  • waiting near hochstand;
  • training is from the blood.

Although not all hunters are interested in working with pointers dog in the woods, it is still an important chapter in the dog training pointers in the forest, mainly of continental breeds, which in fact are the most widely used hunting to tara.Tot us this is the last step disciplinary training of the dog hunting last moment before, when he learns that in any environment, be it field, water and forest, the hunter will have to serve and make this team.

Given the small game thinning hair and feathers, using dogs to hunt has become a major condition to ensure its success, no dog, finding and harvesting game is very much hampered.

Notions of ethical hunting here find their application in full, in fact conjuring and also complete the picture a day vanatoare.In these conditions, the role of dogs is similar to the lead actor, the show finally gave it the "spices" that give flavor hunters.

The price is 400-650 euros / month, including training and board, without food.
Duration is determined by an assessment dressage.

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